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Einrichtung zur Pruefung von Fahrzeugraedern

Arrangement for testing motor vehicle wheels, especially with broad tires on twinned commercial vehicle wheels.
: Fischer, G.; Grubisic, V.

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DE 1997-19758241 A: 19971230
DE 1997-19758241 A: 19971230
EP 1998-124465 A: 19981223
DE 19758241 C2: 20000907
EP 927879 B1: 20020403
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NOVELTY - The arrangement has a holder (6) for rotatably mounting a wheel (3) and pivoting it into different camber angles. The tire engages the inner surface of a rotatable drum (11). Loading units (9,10) apply a vertical or radial force and a lateral or axial loading arrangement to the holder. The loading arrangements are linked to the holder, which can be displaced so that the wheel pivots about the wheel contact point for automatic camber adjustment. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - At least one ring on the drum's inner surface is arranged next to the tire and wheel edge as a run-up ring and is chamfered on the side facing the tire. USE - For testing motor vehicle wheels, tires, hubs, bearings and bolts, especially with broad tires on twinned commercial vehicle wheels. ADVANTAGE - Enables testing under substantially operational conditions with different tires.