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Einrichtung zur plasmaaktivierten Hochratebedampfung

Apparatus for plasma-activated vapour coating at high rates - in which the anode associated with the low-voltage electron source is located below the level of this source, and is offset relative to the evaporator.
: Morgner, H.; Neumann, M.; Schiller, S.; Straach, S.

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DE 1996-19612344 A: 19960328
DE 1996-19612344 A: 19960328
DE 19612344 C1: 19970821
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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An apparatus for plasma-activated vapour coating consists of at least one evaporator (3), a unit (5) with pole pieces (4) for generation of an approximately horizontal magnetic field in the entire space between the evaporator and the substrate (1), at least one low-voltage electron source (8) producing a plasma shield (15), and at least one anode (9) together with its current supply system. The anode is located below the level of the low-voltage electron source and field lines (7) of the magnetic field, and is offset relative to the evaporator. The vertical distance between the level of the electron source (9) and the anode forms at least 50 per cent of the distance between the substrate (1) and the anode. USE - For coating substrates possessing large areas. ADVANTAGE - Both electrically conductive and nonconductive layers (both on electrically conductive and nonconductive substrates) can produced at rates of the order of magnitude of 100 nm/s.