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Einrichtung zur Messung der dynamischen Gas- und insbesondere Luftdurchlaessigkeit von Geweben

Device for measuring the dynamic gas, and in particular, air permeability of fabrics
: Tham, R.; Nahme, H.

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DE 1994-4407224 A: 19940305
DE 1994-4407224 A: 19940305
DE 4407224 C1: 19950614
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The device according to the invention comprises a measuring chamber in which a holder is arranged to affix the fabric under test. This holder is designed in such a way that the holder and the fabric fixed in it divides the measuring chamber into two areas only connected from the flow aspect via the fabric - the gas inlet area and the measuring area. Each area of the measuring chamber is provided with at least one pressure sensor whose output signal is supplied to an evaluator. An inlet device permits the inflow of gas or air into the one area of the measuring chamber, thus resulting in a pressure pulse. The evaluator evaluates the output signals from the pressure sensor resulting from the pulsed inlet of the gas in order to determine the dynamic gas permeability. As a result of this arrangement according to the invention, the dynamic gas permeability of fabrics and in particular of textile fabrics can be measured realistically and affirmatively.