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Einrichtung zur Elektronenbehandlung von Schuettgut, vorzugsweise von Saatgut

Device for the electron treatment of bulk materials, preferably seeds
: Panzer, S.; Roeder, O.; Schiller, S.; Seyfert, U.

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DE 1994-4434767 A: 19940929
DE 1994-4434767 A: 19940929
EP 1995-114078 A: 19950908
DE 4434767 C1: 19960222
EP 705531 A: 19960410
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Known processes, used in particular for the treatment of seed in order to destroy pathogens inherent in the seeds, use chemicals. The systems and processes which use electron beams require considerable evacuation effort. The problem of the invention is therefore based on creating a simpler facility. According to the invention, at least one strip radiator is arranged in a process chamber, said radiator bombarding electrons onto the bulk materials dropping in free fall as a wide transparent strip through the treatment zone. The electrons impinge on the bulk material through beam outlet windows. A metering and control facilaity ensures a constant bulk material flow. Known means, such as diffusers and gratings, serve to spread out the electron beam. The field of application is any bulk material, independent of the material or the particle size. The facility is preferred for use with seed of all types.