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Einrichtung zum Vakuumbeschichten von Massengut

Device for vacuum coating of bulk material by evaporation

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DE 1992-4209384 A: 19920323
WO 1993-DE201 W: 19930303
DE 4209384 C1: 19930422
EP 632846 B1: 19960103
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Small parts are to be coated on all sides in a vacuum in a high-productivity process either from an evaporator vessel or by sputtering and, if necessary, by plasma action. The parts to be coated are pressed and fixed by centrifugal force to the inner circumference of a drum rotating at very high speed. At intervals of time, the parts are stripped off by mechanical means, their position is changed and they are fixed in another position. This process is repeated until the coating is applied. The process and the associated equipment are intended for coating machine elements, plastic or ceramic parts. The surfaces produced are decorative, hard, wear-reducing, electrically conductive or corrosion-protective.