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Einrichtung zum plasmagestuetzten Elektronenstrahl- Hochratebedampfen

Device for plasma-aided high-rate electron beam deposition
: Neumann, M.; Schiller, S.; Morgner, H.

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DE 1992-4235199 A: 19921019
DE 1992-4235199 A: 19921019
DE 4235199 C1: 19930422
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Coating properties enhanced by using plasma in vacuum deposition, in particular in the sputtering process, are known. Much higher coating rates can be achieved during deposition leading, however, at high plasma densities, to strong scattering of the electron beam, thus reducing power density. According to the invention, a plasma source, preferably a hollow-cathode arc plasma source, is placed in the direct vicinity of the substrate. A device generating a magnetic field is placed between the vaporizer and the substrate in such a way that the area of high plasma density is separated from the vaporizer and the electron beam by the magnetic field. The fringing field lines of this magnetic field extend along an arc to the substrate.