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Einrichtung zum Hochrate-Elektronenstrahlbedampfen breiter Substrate

Appts. for high-rate electron-beam vapour coating of wide substrates - with an array of electron guns and deflector means which allow the evaporation material to be covered by electron beams without gaps.
: Neumann, M.; Morgner, H.; Schiller, S.

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DE 1995-19523529 A: 19950628
DE 1995-19523529 A: 19950628
DE 19523529 A1: 19970102
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The appts. includes a line evaporator with a magnetic trap which produces a horizontal magnetic (23) field which is located above the evaporation material, covers the entire substrate width and is oriented in the direction of substrate motion. The appts. also incorporates horizontal electron guns of the axial type and means for deflecting the electron beams produced onto the evaporation material in a straight line across the direction of substrate motion. At least one electron gun (12, 12) is located on each side of the magnetic trap (18). There is at least one horizontal gap (20, 20') in each of the pole pieces (19, 19') for passage of electron beams (13, 13'). These gaps are dimensioned and positioned so that the evaporation material (15) is covered by the electron beams without gaps over a straight line segment corresponding to the entire width of the substrate (16). USE - For coating of broad strips of plastic foil, paper, cardboard etc. with layers of metal or chemical compounds. ADVANTAGE - Arbitrarily broad strips can be coated with layers of uniform thickness at high production rates.