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Einrichtung fuer Schallabsorber mit mikroperforierten Bauteilen

Sound-absorber with micro-perforated components - has perforated pane fixed in frame clear of wall with gas flowing through intervening space.
: Fuchs, H.V.

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DE 1997-19710920 A1: 19970315
DE 1997-19717266 A: 19970424
DE 19717266 C1: 19980409
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The pane (3) made of glass or transparent plastics, or alternatively a metal, plastics or wooden plate, and between 0.1 and 10 mm. thick, is mounted in front of a rear wall (1). It is fixed in a frame, and gas is passed through the space (5) between it and the wall. It can form a gastight joint at the indoor side, and the gas can be delivered intermittently. One or more sensors can be provided, to measure temperature or humidity, the gas being supplied dependent on the values detected. Air can be used as the gas, being dried or dust-free. USE - Sound-absorber with micro-perforated components. ADVANTAGE - For false ceilings, double-glazing etc. Self-cleaning and freedom from condensation.