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The effects of air pollutants on glass

: Fuchs, D.R.

The effects of air pollutants on materials
London: AEA Technology, 1995
Workshop "Effects on Air Pollutants on Materials" <1994, London>
Fraunhofer ISC ()
conservation; corrosion; glass

According to common estimations, technical and architectural glass is considered to be quite insensitive to even strong chemical attack. Glass corrosion thus seems to be of rather academic imortance in terms of economics and not a major topic, when degradation of building materials is discussed. Normal flat glass (soda-lime silicate glass) for windows can withstand normal atmospheric weathering process (includin pollutants) for long periods which in most cases is satisfactory for the intended use. However, desides these ordinary types of window glasses an increasing number of highly specialised products are being used. Surface treatments and coatings result in a large variety of functionalised glazing types, which cannot be regarded simply as "glass" any longer. The interaction of these products with the ambient atmosphere, especially nomic consequences in the future and should be discusse separately. Furthermore, for thermally insulating glaying systems, where the sealing up of the in terspaces in many cases does not prevent the intrusion of gaseous pollutants and moisture, a microclimate in the interspace is created which can be most aggressive towards the glass surfaces. Unfortunately, in historic times the manufacturing yuality of glass was much more variable than today, so that the chemical stability is also much more variable. Preservation of our cultural heritage is considered to be of great importance, thus, in monument conservation the situation of original window glass is a serious problem. Efforts to restore and protect these historic wxamples of former technology against our presently polluted atmosphere are not only a scientific challenge, but also of great economic impact because of the expensive involved in the requierd treatment and protective measures.