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Effect of compaction pressure on the microstructure of mechanically alloyed Ag37Cu63 alloy

Einfluß des Kompaktierungsdrucks auf das Mikrogefüge einer mechanisch legierten Ag37Cu63 Legierung
: Li, Z.Q.; Shen, H.; Li, Y.; Günther, B.


Philosophical magazine. A 72 (1995), Nr.6, S.1485-1493
ISSN: 0031-8086
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
mechanisches Legieren; Mikrogefüge; nanokristallines Material; Nanopulver; Pulvermetallurgie; Röntgenbeugung; Werkstoffphysik

A comparative study on mechanically alloyed Ag37Cu63 alloy was carried out using TEM, XRD, DSC and fractography. The amorphous phase and supersaturated solid solution with the initial composition in the 1 Gpa specimen transform into Cu-8at%Ag solid solution, Ag- and Cu-phases during annealing. Using a higher compaction pressure this transformation is accelerated. Since some of the mechanical alloying granules are composed from extremely small strongly deformed non-equilibrium grains with a very high defect density, their melting point is as low as 150 degC, making necessary a modified explanation of DSC profiles