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The ecotoxicological assessment of pollutants: prospective and retrospective

: Klein, W.

South African journal of science 94 (1998), S.411-414
ISSN: 0038-2353
Fraunhofer IUCT ( IME) ()
Assessments concepts; Classification and labelling; Ecotoxicology in life-cycle-analysis; Harmonization assessment of pollutants; International Agencies; risk assessment; risk management

Desite decades of attempts to harmonise international approaches and procedures for the assessment of pollutants, there are still just two basic concepts in use - one developed in Europe and the other originating in North America. The following account largely follows the European concept, which is at present also the kernel of a Japanese approach in preparation. There are a number of international agencies, organisations and societies involved in systematic improvements, in the harmonisation of procedures and the development of guidelines dealing with specific topics. These comprise the OECD, the European Union (EU), the UN Environmental Programme, the International Labour Organisation, the World Health Organisation, the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment, and, last but not least, IUPAC.