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A dynamic study of the national space development expenditures in Japan and the Federal Republic of Germany

: Inoue, H.; Grupp, H.

Proceedings of Research and Technology Management: The Role of Technology Fusion and Basic Research
Lund, 1989
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energy saving; quality of living; solar architecture; use of greenhouses; user behavior

The Landstuhl Project aims at a broad application of energy saving construction and solar energy use. 22 solar and three reference houses were measured to obtain results on energy efficiency of the houses and solar heat gains. The inhabitants were interviewed on user behavior and quality of living. As one of the main results the Landstuhl project shows the connections between energy saving design, living experiences and user behavior. The solar houses react very sensibly to the energy using behavior of the inhabitants. The actual energy using consumption in the model houses varies widely according to room temperature and ventilation habits. The living quality in the solar houses was proofed high. The inhabitants appreciate the comfortable indoor climate and good lighting. Above all, the greenhouses give an additional feeling of comfort. But the problem was that most people heat their greenhouses on cold winter days because of the plants. In this case greenhouses waste energy. Solar arc hitecture is interesting from the point of view of living quality and the appearance of the house, but it does not pay back by energy savings. It is very important to consider first of all the insulation and to construct and to use the house in an energy saving way.