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Dynamic material properties of a closed-cell polyethylene foam

Dynamische Materialeigenschaften eines geschlossen-zelligen Polyethylenschaumstoffes
: Geißler, A.; Weber, H.

Oliver, D.R.:
Third European Rheology Conference and Golden Jubilee Meeting of the British Society of Rheology '90
London: Elsevier, 1990
ISBN: 1-85166-538-2
European Rheology Conference <3, 1990, Edinburgh>
British Society of Rheology (Meeting) <3, 1990, Edinburgh>
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closed-cell foam; container; cushioning material; deformation vibration; dynamic behaviour; elastic modulus; mechanical behaviour; packaging material; polyethylen; shear modulus; stress; transportation

With today's high standards of technology, transportation stresses can be almost completely described so that certain conclusions for the packaging container can be drawn. But an optimized, costeffective container can only be produced if the material behaviour and the environment of the packaging material used are known. Foams belong to the most important class of packaging materials. Their dynamic behaviour is usually qualified empirically by properties which are not suitable for engineering analysis of packaging con-tainers, but represent only quality control values. In the context of this paper, it is shown how dynamic mechanical behaviour of a closed-cell PE-foam can be experimentally determined for use in engeneering analysis.