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Duesenanordnung fuer das Laserstrahlschneiden

Nozzle arrange for laser beam cutting
: Zefferer, H.; Petering, D.

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DE 1994-4402000 A: 19940125
DE 1994-4402000 A: 19940125
EP 1995-905548 AW: 19950118
WO 1995-DE50 W: 19950118
DE 4402000 C2: 19960411
EP 741627 B1: 19971022
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Nozzle arrangement (34) for laser beam cutting, said arrangement having a truncated nozzle body (10) matched to and surrounding the focused laser beam and a transmission opening (11) for the laser beam, comprising a nozzle sleeve (13) surrounding the nozzle body (10) concentrically and thus forming an annular gap (12), said sleeve having an outlet opening on the same axis as the transmission opening (11) for a cutting gas beam of the annular gap (12) connected to a gas source. To achieve the deflection of the gas beam from the nozzle parallel to the access of the laser beam with a minimum of flow losses, the nozzle arrangement is designed so that the outlet opening is a bore hole (14) arranged on the workpiece side in front of the transmission opening (11), said bore hole having a diameter (D) exceeding the diameter (D) of the transmission opening (11), and that the outlet cross-section of the outlet opening (14) is roughly identical to the transition cross-section of the annular gap ( 12) in relation to the outlet opening (14).