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DSPI - Zerstörungsfreies Prüfen und berührungsloses Messen an Verbundstrukturen

: Aswendt, P.; Höfling, R.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V. -DGM-, Oberursel:
Verbundwerkstoffe und Werkstoffverbunde '92. DGM-Tagungsband
Oberursel: DGM-Informationsgesellschaft, 1993
ISBN: 3-88355-188-0
Verbundwerkstoffe und Werkstoffverbunde <1992, Chemnitz>
Fraunhofer IWU ()
berührungslose Dehnungsmessung; digital speckle pattern interferometry; digitale Speckleinterferometrie; Faserverbundwerkstoff; fibre composite material; metal ceramic compound; Metall-Keramik-Verbund; noncontacting strain measurement; optical material testing; optische Werkstoffprüfung

To put advanced composite materials into practical use, the designer must have detailed knowledge about their behaviour under operating conditions. Due to the complexity of these composites there are new demands for materials testing especially with respect to inhomogeneous and anisotropic material properties and quality assurance. For this purpose, measurements on components have to supplement results conventionally obtained from specimens. The present work treats the use of a laser-based measuring technique, digital speckle pattern interferometry (DSPI), and gives a number of applications. Qualitative as well as quantitative results are shown and it is worth emphasizing that DSPI can provide reliable strain data at 1000 degree C.