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Dry etching of GaN at low pressure

Trockenätzen von GaN bei niedriegen Drücken
: Pletschen, W.; Niebuhr, R.; Bachem, K.H.

Ren, F.; Pearton, S.J.; Buckley, D.N.; Chi, G.C.; Daele, P. van; Damijoh, T.; Schuermeyer, F.:
Symposium on wide bandgap semiconductors and devices '95. Porceedings. Vol. 95-21
Symposium on wide bandgap semiconductors and devices <1995, Chicago>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
chemical vapour deposition; dry etching; GaN; MOCVD; Plasmaätzen; RIE

The dry etch characteristics of GaN in RF generated CCl2F2 discharges has been studied as function of pressure, flow rate and self bias potential. In contrast to conventional Ga-A semiconductors (A=As, P, Sb) partically no etching is observed at pressures above 8 microbar which are commonly used for reactive ion etching (RIE). However, notable etch rates of up to 130 nm/min are obtained in the pressure range 1-2 microbar. Furthermore, the etch rates increase with self bias potential for both, pure plasmas and CCl2F2/Ar mixtures. The etch rates attained for the mixture are always smaller than for the pure gas even if non-optimized conditions were used for the pure plasma.