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Drossel fuer Gasfuehrungen und Gaslager

Restrictor for gas ducts and gas-lubricated bearings.
: Guyenot, V.; Huebner, G.; Eberhardt, R.; Risse, S.

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DE 1993-4316170 A: 19930514
DE 1993-4316170 A: 19930514
DE 4316170 C1: 19941117
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The invention relates to a restrictor for gas ducts and gas-lubricated bearings which operate according to the principle of restricting gas supply by means of the restrictor-specific flow resistance. The invention is characterized by the fact that the foreseen restrictor effect can be generated by dimensioned porous material (2). The restrictor (11) can be calibrated in its effects and can be variably adjusted.