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Distributed sketchpad

Cooperative sketching system
: Schiffner, N.; Kollmann, H.

Zongkai, L.; Barthes, J.-P. ; China Computer Federation; Academia Sinica, Institute of Computing Technology, Beijing:
International Workshop on CSCW in Design 1996. Proceedings
Beijing: International Academic Publishers, 1996
ISBN: 7-80003-361-9
International Workshop on CSCW in Design <1996, Beijing>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
communication; CSCW; distributed graphical editor; teleconference

Conference system support commuication and collaboration among geographically dispersed user groups. In our contribution we introduce SketchPad, a multi-user freehand sketching system, particularly designed for the use within a conference with geographically divided users. In the future, most product prototyping work will be done on computers with all-digital data bases, interfaces, and output. The emphasis on concurrent engineering, total quality management, manufacturability, just-in-time manufacturing, and life-cycle costing makes prototyping a group collaborative effort. Similarly, the emphasis on virtual enterprises that span the world with their customers and suppliers make prototyping a truly distributed activity.