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Disposal of explosives.

Entsorgung von Explosivstoffen
: Krause, H.H.

Air and Waste Management Association:
9th World Clean Air Congress '92. Vol.1. Waste Management. Towards the Year 2000 - Critical Issues in the Global Environment. Proceedings
Pittsburgh/Pa., 1992 (Proceedings - Air and Waste Management Association 1)
World Clean Air Congress <9, 1992, Montreal>
Fraunhofer ICT ()
biological process; chemical process; disposal explosive; incineration; propellant; recycling; reprocessing; supercritical water oxidation

Due to the reduction of armament between the East and West (especially due to the German re-unification), we are met by new objectives: the disposal of energetic materials. In the next few years there will be approximately 40,000 t (lt = 1000 kg) of explosives to dispose of. Environmentally compatible disposal methods available for the different energetic materials are urgently needed. The possibilities of reprocessing propellants and explosives are examined and the applicability of the processes for the different groups of substance are described. Apart from the incineration of explosives, chemical and biological processes as disposal methods are proposed. The main problem ofincineration is the reduction of pollutant emissions below the legal limits. Chemical decomposition of explosive materials followed by biological degradation of the reaction mixture offers an alternative to incineration.