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Dispersion compensator for optical fibre transmission path - has compensation region as ribbed structure to produce two dimensional waveguide effect.
: Peschel, U.; Peschel, T.; Lederer, F.; Waechter, C.

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DE 1996-19612778 A1: 19960329
DE 1997-19703694 A: 19970131
DE 19703694 A1: 19971002
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The compensator has at least a three-layer dispersion compensating region (14), containing two different optical fibres, resonantly coupled over alternating region, for a two-dimensional waveguide effect. The compensating region is formed by a ribbed structure with optical fibres of a core type (3, 5). Preferably the dispersion compensating region is incorporated between two mode converters (10, 11), monolithically integrated with the compensating region. The converters are typically of a ribbed structure with variable rib width in the wave propagation direction. USE/ADVANTAGE - For high bit rate transmission in glass fibre networks, with simple, low-cost compensation in compact design.