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Silencer link for heating systems includes hollow cylindrical chambers closed off soundproof one end but open to transmissive covering and set flow-parallel or offset for all-frequency damping duty.
: Jauer, A.; Zimmermann, S.; Brandstaett, P.; Leistner, P.; Fuchs, H.V.

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DE 2002-10222105 A: 20020517
DE 2002-10222105 A: 20020517
DE 10222105 A1: 20031204
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DE 10222105 A UPAB: 20040112 NOVELTY - The silencer link includes a number of chambers (3) to lie open to the transmissive covering (15) but non-absorbingly closed off at their far end. The chambers can be cylindrical or rectangular and should be arranged parallel to flow or alternatively offset to one another crossways. The openings (4) of the chambers lie on the impact face of the link. One or more of the soundproof seals (13) of the chambers should be adjustable lengthways and possibly activated. The intervals between the covering (15) and the chambers should be packed with fibrous or porous insulating material. USE - Heating and air-conditioning systems, soundproofing. ADVANTAGE - The link has resonator chambers inside closed off one end and variable in length with fiber or porous packing and end caps, the chambers flow-parallel or offset to damp down all frequencies, especially low frequency noise. The cylindrical chambers offer comprehensive sound damping and fit plant to suit.