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Vorrichtung zur Beschichtung von Substraten mittels physikalischer Dampfabscheidung ueber den Hohlkathodeneffekt

Vapor deposition process for substrate e.g. data carrier, employs hollow cathode comprising polygonal arrangement of target plates with gaps forming geometrical prism.
: Jung, T.

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DE 2002-10227048 A: 20020617
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WO2003107385 A UPAB: 20040128 NOVELTY - The hollow cathode comprises targets in the form of four side walls (1) defining a geometrical prism. Adjacent targets are mutually separated by a gap (2). USE - For vapor deposition onto substrates, exploiting the hollow cathode effect. To make oxide, nitride and carbide layers, especially of aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, titanium oxide, silicon oxide, magnesium oxide, titanium nitride, chromium nitride and titanium carbide (all claimed). To make carbon layers (claimed). To make coatings of discs, especially data carriers, spectacle lenses, smart cards, fuel cell elements and gas turbine blades (all claimed). To make individual coatings in a short-cycle plant (claimed). ADVANTAGE - The gas flow sputtering source permits individual coating of substrates at greater rates. The apparatus employs readily-manufactured target plates. Because they are small, heat generated by the process does not cause mechanical damage to them. For this reason they can be subjected to very high power densities, for rapid coating. The polygonal shape is particularly well matched for round- or isotropic substrates. Common sizes are coated with minimal loss of material and minimum loss of charge carriers. A regular polygon is not essential; other shapes may be used to match the shape of the substrate.