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Corporate Information Network (COIN): The Fraunhofer IESE Experience Factory

: Jedlitschka, A.; Althoff, K.-D.; Decker, B.; Hartkopf, S.; Nick, M.

Bauknecht, K. ; Österreichische Computer-Gesellschaft -OCG-:
Informatik 2001. Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft in der Network Economy. Visionen und Wirklichkeit. Tagungsband
Wien: Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft, 2001 ( 157)
ISBN: 3-85403-157-2
S.54-60 : Ill., Lit. (Vol.1)
Konferenz "Informatik 2001" <2001, Wien>
Fraunhofer IESE ()
experience factory; experience base; learning organisation; community of practice; lessons learned

Experience-based continuous learning is essential for improving products, processes, and technologies in emerging as well as established areas of business and engineering science. It can be facilitated by case-based organizational learning, meaning that relevant experience is captured in the form of cases for reuse in a corporate experience repository. For obvious reasons, learning from experience needs to be a permanent endeavor. Thus, an organization has to handle a continuous stream of experience. For this purpose, an Experience Factory was established at Fraunhofer IESE, with the COrporate Information Network (COIN) initiative. The objectives of COIN are to provide users with valuable information/knowledge at the right time, in an adequate representation, and within the actual context (just-in-time).