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Electrical characterization of MOS structures with deposited oxides annealed in N2O or NO

: Grieb, M.; Noborio, M.; Peters, D.; Bauer, A.J.; Friedrichs, P.; Kimoto, T.; Ryssel, H.


Amador Pérez, T.:
Silicon carbide and related materials 2008 : ECSCRM 2008, selected, peer reviewed papers from the 7th European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials, September 7 - 11, Barcelona, Spain
Stäfa-Zürich: Trans Tech Publications, 2009 (Materials Science Forum 615-617)
ISBN: 0-87849-334-4
ISBN: 978-0-87849-334-0
European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ECSCRM) <7, 2008, Barcelona>
Fraunhofer IISB ()

In this work, the electrical characteristics and the reliability of 80nm thick deposited oxides annealed in NO and N2O on the 4H-SiC Si-face for gate oxide application in MOS devices is analyzed by C-V, 1-V measurements and by constant current stress. Compared to thermally grown oxides, the deposited oxides annealed in N2O or NO showed improved electrical properties. D-it-values lower than 10(11) cm(-2)eV(-1) have been achieved for the NO sample. The intrinsic Q(BD)-values of deposited and annealed oxides are one order of magnitudes higher than the highest values reported for thermally grown oxides. Also MOSFETS were fabricated with a channel mobility of 20.05 cm(2)/VS for the NO annealed deposited oxide. Furthermore annealing in NO is preferred to annealing in N2O regarding mu(FE)- and Q(BD)-values.