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The influence of the measurement environment on the accuracy of the extraction of the physical parameters of solar cells



Measurement Science and Technology 10 (1999), Nr.9, S.796-804
ISSN: 0957-0233
Fraunhofer IISB ()
diode ideality factor; series resistance; shunt resistance; diode-saturation current; solar simulator; Fitting; photovoltaic; standard measurement procedure

This article concerns the influence of measurement conditions on the extraction of a solar cells equivalent circuit parameters. Influences previously not investigated are considered, thus helping to define suitable measurement strategies. The influences of measurement environments are investigated, as is the influence of the fitting algorithm chosen. It is shown that the number of measurement points for the currentvoltage characteristic can have an important effect on the accuracy of the parameters extracted. The stability of the system is of minor importance, as long as the variations in the measurement conditions are monitored. We also show that the MarquardtLevenberg algorithm using a least squares error criterion and a hybrid algorithm employing an area criterion outperform other c hoices of fitting algorithm.