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Nano Si3N4 composites with improved tribological properties

: Schulz, I.; Herrmann, M.; Endler, I.; Zalite, I.; Speisser, B.; Kreusser, J.


Lubrication science 21 (2009), Nr.2, S.69-81
ISSN: 0954-0075
ISSN: 1557-6833
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
fracture toughness; nanocomposite; nitrogen compound; rolling friction; silicon compound; sliding friction; wear; dry wear; silicon nitride; nano; titanium sulphide; self-lubricating behaviour

Nano Si(sub 3)N(sub 4) composites with tailored microstructure were developed using fine ß-Si(sub 3)N(sub 4) powders. Their wear behaviour was investigated. Whereas pure Si(sub 3)N(sub 4) composites showed improved wear behaviour under dry rolling conditions with slip, TiN-reinforced nano Si(sub 3)N(sub 4) composites generate a self-lubricating behaviour under dry sliding conditions. After chemical treatment with hydrogen sulphide, the friction coefficient and wear rate was found to be significantly decreased under dry sliding conditions. Additionally, the new composites possess higher fracture toughness than the pure nano Si(sub 3)N(sub 4) materials.