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Disruptive technologies - widening the scope -

: Ruhlig, Klaus; Wiemken, Uwe

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Euskirchen: Fraunhofer INT, 2006, 24 S.
Diskurs Technik und gesellschaftlicher Wandel
Bericht, Elektronische Publikation
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disruptive technology; disruptive military technology; disruptive defence and security technology

The term „disruptive technologies” was introduced 1997 by Clayton Christensen in the context of innovations in the business world based upon technological developments. It was meant to sharpen the view for new technologies which can „disrupt” the economic context of a business. Since then it inspired other communities like so many terms in English (or American) language. One of these is the domain of international Research & Technology (R&T) cooperation and technological forecasting for public defence and security planning. In this community the term gained a somewhat different meaning which we would like to sketch in this paper.