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Model of a solar driven steam jet ejector chiller and investigation of its dynamic operational behaviour

: Pollerberg, C.; Heinzel, A.; Weidner, E.


Solar energy 83 (2009), Nr.5, S.732-742
ISSN: 0038-092X
ISSN: 0375-9865
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
air conditioning; solar energy; solar cooling; Steam Jet Ejector Chiller (SJEC); modelling; operating behaviour; process simulation; dynamic simulation; parabolic trough collector; Klimatechnik; Solarenergie; solare Kälte (ABS); Dampfstrahlkältemaschine (DSKM); Prozessmodell; Betriebsverhalten; Prozesssimulation; dynamische Simulation; Parabolrinnenkollektor

"The solar driven steam jet ejector chiller (SJEC) is a new device for solar air-conditioning. Previously, solar SJEC has been only investigated theoretically by static models and practically by small test rigs. A demonstration plant does not exist so far, so that the operational behaviour of a solar SJEC has not been investigated in detail yet. But due to the fact that solar irradiation and cold demand are not constant, the operational behaviour is very important for the plant design and the controlling concept. This publication presents a model for a SJEC and the results of dynamic simulations. The proposed model allows creating and investigating different plant concepts by its structure in model components. After the validation of the model, simulations of a fictive solar SJEC with parabolic trough collectors are accomplished to analyse the dynamic operational behaviour of a future plant."