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Virtual durability test rigs for automotive engineering

: Dressler, K.; Speckert, M.; Bitsch, G.


Vehicle system dynamics 47 (2009), Nr.4, S.387-401
ISSN: 0042-3114
ISSN: 1744-5159
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

In recent years so-called 'virtual test rigs' have become more and more important in the development process of cars and trucks. Originally, the idea was to substitute expensive durability tests with computer simulation. Meanwhile, the focus has changed towards a more cooperative usage of numerical and laboratory rig simulation. For many safety critical issues laboratory tests remain indispensable. In early development stages, when no physical prototypes are available yet, numerical simulation is used to analyse and optimise the design. In this paper, we show how to build numerical simulation models of complex servo-hydraulic test systems and their test specimen using multi-body simulation for the mechanics in combination with simulation models for the hydraulics and controls. We illustrate this at two industrial application examples: a spindle-coupled passenger car suspension rig and a tyre-coupled full vehicle rig. We show how the simulation models are used to design and optimise better test rigs and to support the test rig operation by preparing the physical tests with new specimen, i.e. by performing numerical simulations including numerical drive file iteration before the physical tests start.