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Theoretical prediction of dynamic composite material properties for hypervelocity impact simulations

: Ryan, S.; Wicklein, M.; Mouritz, A.; Riedel, W.; Schäfer, F.; Thoma, K.


International Journal of Impact Engineering 36 (2009), Nr.7, S.899-912
ISSN: 0734-743X
Fraunhofer EMI ()

Recent advances in the description of fibre-reinforced polymer composite material behaviour under extreme loading rates provide a significant extension in capabilities for numerical simulation of hypervelocity impact on composite satellite structures. Given the complexity of the material model, extensive material characterisation is required, however, as the properties of composite materials are commonly tailored for a specific application, experimental characterisation is not efficient, particularly in preliminary design phases. As such, a procedure is outlined in this paper that applies a number of commonly accepted composite mechanics and shock physics theories in conjunction with generalised material properties which allows for the theoretical derivation of a complete material data set for utilisation of the new modelling capabilities. The derivation procedure has been applied to a carbon fibre/epoxy laminate, and is validated through a comparison of derived material properties with experimentally characterised values and numerical simulation or damage induced by hypervelocity impact on a representative space debris shielding configuration employing the CFRP laminate. For the specific structures and impact conditions considered, application of the material property derivation procedure in place of experimental characterisation provided comparable accuracy in the prediction of damage induced by particles impacting at hypervelocity.