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Computer simulation tool for the optimization of 3D water jet cleaning processes

: Schneider, Matthias; Gruseck, Daniel; Pulli, Karlheinz; Schieweck, Jörg

Centre Technique des Industries Méchaniques -CETIM-:
CleanMeca 2008, 3e Congrès européen des technologies propres et sûres en mécanique = European Congress for Clean and Safe Technologies in Mechanical Engineering : 14 et 15 octobre 2008, Cetim-Senlis
Senlis: CETIM, 2008
Congrès Européen des Technologies Propres et Sûres en Mécanique (CleanMeca) <3, 2008, Senlis>
European Congress for Clean and Safe Technologies in Mechanical Engineering <3, 2008, Senlis>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
waterjet; Reinigen; Reinigungsstrahlen; Wasserstrahltechnik; Simulation

In manufacturing, in many cases three-dimensional workpieces have to be cleaned prior to their further processing. For this purpose, water jet cleaning is a widely employed technique. In spray jet cleaning of complex 3D workpieces, such as engine blocks, transmission housings, or complete car bodies, conditions usually vary strongly during the process due to the complex surface geometry and process dynamics. Thus it is difficult for the process engineer to adjust the adequate process parameters. A computer simulation tool is presented with which it is possible to predict the variation of degree of cleanness on 3D surfaces as a function of process dynamics and process parameters (e.g., jet geometry, kinetic energy of jet, or angle of incidence), and which allows for the optimization of the layout of cleaning processes.