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Knowledge management in product projects in the automotive industry

: Sihn, Wilfried

Dimitrov, D.; Sihn, W.; Westkämper, E. ; Univ. Stellenbosch/South Africa, Institute of Industrial Engineering; International Institution for Production Engineering Research -CIRP-, Paris; South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering -SAIMechE-:
COMA 2007, International Conference Competitive Manufacturing - The Challenge of Digital Manufacturing : 31 January - 2 February 2007, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Stellenbosch, 2007
ISBN: 0-7972-1164-0
International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing (COMA) <2007, Stellenbosch, South Africa>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
automotive industry; knowledge management; knowledge transfer; Wissensmanagement; Automobilindustrie; Zusammenarbeit; Produktentwicklung

Global mergers and acquisitions in the automotive industry have left only a few companies offering a variety of brands. Shorter product life cycles have increased the number of product launches for each brand, raising the number of new product projects for companies in the automotive sector.
In a new vehicle project, covering all product creation stages, the knowledge about product and production process gained by vehicle and production tests increases as the new product project approaches the start of production. The approach in this paper focuses on potential changes to product and production process that do not go through the change management process.