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Forefront Technologies - a Key to Successful Business Development

Spitzentechnologie - Grundlage für Geschäftserfolg
: Fuchs, D.R.

American Management Association International -AMAI-:
Using R&D to create business growth
Singapore, 1997
17 S.
The First Asia Pacific Conference on Using R&D to Create Business Growth <1, 1997, Singapore>
technology; contract research; innovation; Fraunhofer model; Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Innovation cicles are getting shorter and own specialized and customised products increasingly define the profile of companies. Following global trends will in the long run not ensure competitiveness. A key is to invest in R&D activities. Cooperation with external research partners opens up innovative technologies and own first-in products also for SMEs, which do not maintain in-house R&D. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is strongly engaged in this technology development and transfer business. Examples taken from day-to-day project work prove the advantages for companies participating actively and investing into forefront research.