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Fano profiles in transmission spectra of THz radiation through periodic metallic structures

: Pradarutti, B.; Torosyan, G.; Beigang, R.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE-; IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society:
33rd International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves, IRMMW-THz 2008. Vol.1 : 16th International Conference on Terahertz Electronics; 15.-19.9.2008 Pasadena, California, USA
New York, NY: IEEE, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4244-2120-6
ISBN: 978-1-4244-2119-0
International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz) <33, 2008, Pasadena/Calif.>
International Conference on Terahertz Electronics <16, 2008, Pasadena/Calif.>
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The transmission properties of ultrashort THz pulses through 1-dimensional periodic metallic structures are investigated experimentally and theoretically. The characteristic minima known as Wood's anomalies demonstrate so-called Fano profiles caused by the coupling between resonant surface plasmons and non-resonant diffraction orders.