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ASP for Engineers - Requirements and Concepts

: Lukas, U. von

Stelzer, R.H. ; Gesellschaft für Informatik -GI-, Fachgruppe 4.2.1 Computer Aided Design (CAD); TU Dresden:
CAD 2002. Proceedings
Bonn: GI, 2002
ISBN: 3-86005-298-5
CAD <2002, Dresden>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
CAD; Graphical User Interface (GUI); data communication; virtual engineering; standardisation

Application Service Providing (ASP) is a novel and promising approach for the distribution of software. Changing the philosophy from software as a material good (e.g. CD-ROM) to software as a service can result in a number of benefits for the software vendor (reduced time to customer, development of new markets etc.) and the end user (concentration on usage rather than installation and maintenance, payment per use, reduced total cost of ownership etc.). In the engineering domain, however, we find several ancillary conditions that inhibit an ASP boom just as in other areas such as customer relationship management. The tight integration of various applications (CAD, CAE, PDM) in the design process and the importance of high-end graphical presentation and interaction are just two of the important requirements that must be taken into account.
The first part of the paper examines technological, economic and psychological factors that influence the ASP decision, as well as presenting the actual market situation and looking at the future of engineering ASP. In the second half, we present a technical concept that can overcome various problems that arise when using today's ASP technology. We also provide a roadmap for further research in this area and identify promising technologies for deployment, communication and integration.