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Current status of models for transient phenomena in dopant diffusion and activation

Aktueller Stand der Modelle für transiente Phänomene in der Diffusion und Aktivierung von Dotieratomen
: Pichler, P.; Stiebel, D.


Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research, Section B. Beam interactions with materials and atoms 186 (2002), Nr.1-4, S.256-264
ISSN: 0168-583X
Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()
transiente Diffusion; Dotieratom; silicium; Aktivierung

Transient phenomena caused by ion--implantation processes have been studied for more than 25 years now with a continuously increasing number of research articles published in this field per year. One driving force of this research is the ongoing miniaturization of ULSI MOS and bipolar technology which uses extensively the capabilities of technology-computer-aided-design (TCAD). The other driving force which attracts also academic institutions and research institutes is the high complexity of the phenomena, involving the interaction of dopants, intrinsic point defects, extended defects, and impurities like carbon as well as the interactions of mobile defects with surfaces and interfaces and their redistribution in multilayer structures. The article outlines some recent advances towards a quantitative description of such phenomena.