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Film deposition by laser and arc technologies

: Schultrich, B.


Contributions to plasma physics 39 (1999), Nr.5, S.463-472
ISSN: 0863-1042
Fraunhofer IWS ()
Bogentechnologie; PLD; PVD; Laser-Verfahren; Laserchemie

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) based on laser pulses or vacuum arc discharges are distinguished by the highly (often completely) ionization of the plasma beam with high ion energies. Hence, with comparable plasma parameters both processes give comparable films. However, from the technological point of view there are essential differences, especially themuch easier control of the laser processes and the much higher productivity of the arc technologies. The pecularities of the laser and of the arc processes, their similarities and their differences are discussed in general terms. Their particular potential is demonstrated for actual applications including the preparation of nanometer precision films (e.g. for X-ray mirrors), the deposition on special geometries (e.g. for copper metalization of microelectronic structures) and the deposition of special film qualities (e.g. for preparation of superhard amorphous carbon).