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Suitability tests of improvements to half-timbered walls by simulations

: Herlyn, J.W.

Brebbia, C.A. ; Wessex Institute of Technology, Southampton; TU Dresden:
Structural studies, repairs and maintenance of historical buildings VII
Southampton: WIT Press, 2001 (Advances in architecture series 13)
ISBN: 1-85312-869-4
International Conference on Structural Studies, Repairs and Maintenance of Historical Buildings (STREMAH) <7, 2001, Bologna>
Fraunhofer WKI ()
Fachwerkwand; Wärmeschutz; Feuchteschutz; Gebrauchstauglichkeitstest; Bewitterungssimulation; half-timbered wall; heat protection; moisture protection; suitability test; weathering simulation

Heat insulation of half-timbered walls in buildings listed as ancient monuments can often only be improved by the application of interior insulation. Interior insulation is however problematic in building terms, and by giving rise to unwanted collection of moisture can endanger the structural integrity of the building. The suitability of a number of different types of interior insulation has been investigated in the twin climate laboratories of the WKI by means of a number of weathering simulations, supported by numerical simulations. Results of the interior insulations applied after that are compared with in-situ measurements taken from refurbished half-timbered buildings.