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Simulationsmodelle für Gebrauchstauglichkeitsuntersuchungen von Holzbauteilen durch künstliche Bewitterung

: Herlyn, J.W.

Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation -GUS-, Pfinztal:
Umwelteinflüsse erfassen, simulieren, bewerten. 30. Jahrestagung der GUS
Pfinztal: GUS, 2001
ISBN: 3-9806167-7-0
Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation (Jahrestagung) <30, 2001, Stutensee-Blankenloch>
Fraunhofer WKI ()
Gebrauchstauglichkeit; Holzbauteil; Bewitterungssimulation; suitability test; wooden structural element; weathering simulation

The fitness for use of newly developed components or building elements made from wood or wood-based materials under climatic load can hardly be determined by standard methods. Since practice tests are not suitable because they take too much time and consequently involve a lot of expenditures, an artificial weathering of wooden building elements is a reasonable alternative requiring the drawing up of suitable simulation models. As for the simulation of the critical impacts on wooden building elements, weathering cycles taken from existing standards or guidelines normally are not transferable. Therefore, for every task a suitable simulation model has to be drawn up using the test tailoring in order to ensure that the wooden building element proves its functioning not only during the weathering simulation but that it is also fit for use under realistic conditions.
The utilization of wood and wood-based materials in fields of application which up to now were judged to be critical, p. ex. the large-area outdoor use can successfully be optimized by weathering simulations. Thus, solely due to the enlargement and improvement of the data base, numerical simulations will gain in significance.