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Drying of wood chips with optimized energy consumption and emission levels, combined with production of valuable substances

: Gruber, T.

3rd European COST E15 Workshop on Wood Drying 2001. Proceedings : With the theme: softwood drying to meet needs of further processing and specific end-uses. 11-13 June 2001, at Scandic Hotel Kalastajatorppa, Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, 2001
European COST E15 Workshop on Wood Drying <3, 2001, Helsinki>
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The system presented here allows saving around 10% of the thermal energy required in a wood chips drying process. The significant reduction of emission levels of approcimately 98% relating to total carbon is guaranteed by the integrated vapour treatment. Maximum emission reductions are obtained with high capacity utilization - thermal power - of the integrated vapour combustion unit. No additional downstream waste air purification units are necessary. Fresh water demand in the gluing process can be minimized by condensing the dryer vapours.