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Trends in battery technology patents indicating the onset of a new battery generation based on nanomaterials

: Thielmann, A.; Rothengatter, O.

Nanotechnology Law & Business 5 (2008), Nr.4, S.391-410
ISSN: 1546-203X
Fraunhofer ISI ()

In this article the authors map the developments in battery technology by analyzing patent statistics for the past five decades. Their analysis shows a strong battery technology increase in the 1990s followed by a saturation phase starting in 2000. The dynamically increasing number of nanotechnology patents in the last few years indicates the onset of a new technology wave and could lead to a new commercialization phase within the next decade. The authors also identify the leading countries and companies in nanotechnology based battery systems and provide a basic overview of recently developed nanomaterials used in such batteries. The information on key players and technological trends is of special interest for investors as well as the potential users of these next generation