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Expected safety effects for driver assistance systems

: Wiethoff, M.; Waard, D. de; Wenzel, G.; Brucker, K. de; Spruijtenburg, E.; Brookhuis, K.; Marchau, V.

National Technical University of Athens -NTUA-:
International Conference on Application of Advanced Technologies in Transportation, AATT 2008. CD-ROM : AATT 2008 conference; May 27 - 31 Athens, Greece
Athens, 2008
15 S.
International Conference on Application of Advanced Technologies in Transportation (AATT) <10, 2008, Athens>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Still too many deaths and injuries are a result of road safety problems within Europe. Measures aimed to increase the forgiving nature of the road environment and to enhance the self explaining character of road environments are expected to increase road safety. Technologies based on combinations of infrastructural and in-vehicle systems are expected to show the most cost effective solutions. Within the FP6 In-Safety project (506716), funded by the EC, electronic applications are evaluated for their expected effectiveness on safety. The evaluation occurs within the context of the specifications of scenarios that aim to enhance the self -explaining and forgiving nature of road environments. The present paper concerns the phase in the project with an overview of systems and a first evaluation of the safety effects. The generation and first prioritization of the initial set of systems is based on accident analysis. In the paper an overview is given of the methodology and the safety evaluations of a number of systems.