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Particle emission from laser printers

: Morawska, L.; He, C.; Wang, H.; McGarry, P.; Salthammer, T.; Jayaratne, R.; Johnson, G.; Bostrom, T.; Modini, R.; Uhde, E.; Ayoko, G.; Wensing, M.

Strøm-Tejsen, P. ; International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate -ISIAQ-, Ottawa:
Indoor Air 2008, the 11th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate. CD-ROM : 17th August to 22nd August 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark
Lyngby: Technical University of Denmark, Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Management, 2008
ISBN: 978-87-7877-270-1
Paper 1024, 8 S.
International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate <11, 2008, Copenhagen>
Fraunhofer WKI ()
printer emission; ultrafine particle emission; VOC emissions; printer emitted particle characteristic

Recent studies have shown that the operation of laser printers can result in the emission of high concentrations of ultrafine particles. However, fundamental gaps in knowledge still remain, for example, it is not clear what makes a printer a high emitter or why some models alternate between being low and high emitters. In order to provide insight into the formation mechanisms of these particles, comprehensive investigations into particle emissions from one high and one low emitting printer were undertaken. Each printer was operated using its own toner, and printed on two types of paper. Emissions from the printers were studied in a flow tunnel and a box chamber, while emissions from the fuser rollers, two types of paper and toner were investigated in a furnace. This paper provides examples of preliminary results from the study, taken from the extensive body of data which has been collected and analysed so far.