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Al2O3 tools towards effective machining of wood-based materials

: Gogolewski, P.; Klimke, J.; Krell, A.; Beer, P.


Journal of materials processing technology 209 (2009), Nr.5, S.2231-2236
ISSN: 0924-0136
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
ceramic tool; machining; wood-based material; brittleness; fracture

Tools made of sub-µm Al2O3 ceramics have been successfully tested in the machining of hardened steels in the past, but there was no experience in machining wood-based materials. On of the differences between these applications is that sharp edges < 70° are requested for wood cutting and impose tough conditions for the stability of ceramic tools. Therefore, properties of sub-µm Al2O3 ceramics were correlated with both the sharpening ability of cutting edges on grinding and with the wear behavior of these ceramic cutting edges on machining wood-based materials. As as result there is a strong dependence of the technological performance of the ceramics on their microstructure. The grain size affects both the possibility of shaping appropriately the micro-geometry of the milling knife and its w ear behavior: the character of the wear changes from the outbreaking type when the grain size exceeds 500 nm to abrasive with grain sizes < 500 nm.