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Tracking, Sensors and Gestures

: Müller, S.

Wolf, G. ; Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. -DLR-, Projektträger für Informationstechnik:
Lead Projects Human-Computer-Interaction. Proceedings
Bonn: BMBF, 2001
International Status Conference Lead Projects "Human-Computer-Interaction" <2001, Saarbrücken>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
men-machine interface; augmented reality; Gesture; tracking

Tracking, Sensors and Gestures addresses some of the basic technology components for the next generation of human-machine interaction techniques. Several research groups focus on the usage of computer vision based methods, the integration of sensor data and the application of those approaches in combination with new interaction paradigms in order to find new solutions for hands-free interaction, context-aware information visualization, and for virtual and augmented environments. The workshop "Tracking, Sensors and Gestures" has been held on July 3rd 2001 in Darmstadt in co-operation with all lead projects. 13 speakers from ARVIKA, EMBASSI, INVITE, MAP, MORPHA and SMARTKOM presented their research results and shared their experience with 46 participants in the area of
-Static and dynamic gestures recognition
-Face detection
-Vision based methods for head tracking (position and orientation)
-Vision based methods for person tracking
-General tracking methods:
-Fine tracking
-Coarse tracking
-Hybrid tracking
This paper gives a brief overview over the work presented at this workshop.