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Auto-stereoscopic display based on patterned OLED backlight

: Vogel, U.; Kroker, L.; Knobbe, J.; Dallmann, H.-G.; Scholles, M.; Grillberger, C.; Todt, U.; Amelung, J.

Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers -ITE-, Tokyo; Society for Information Display -SID-:
IDW 2008, 15th International Display Workshops. Proceedings. Vol.3 : December 3-5, 2008, Niigata
Niigata, 2008
International Display Workshops (IDW) <15, 2008, Niigata, Japan>
Fraunhofer IPMS ()

A 3.5" 3D QVGA display will be presented, that is based on a highly-efficient, patterned and controllable OLED backlight. This technology demonstrator combines several major achievements: large-area OLED backlight, highly-efficient and fast response OLED top emitter, striped patterned backlight, individual electronic driving for adaptive backlight control, 3D mobile display application demonstrated.