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Flexible fabrication kit - flexible interlinking, design and improvement of automated lab processes

: Traube, Andreas; Malthan, Dirk; Rank, Denis

Association for Laboratory Automation:
LabAutomation 2008. Where Science, Technology and Industry Come Together : Final Program & Abstracts. January 26-30, 2008, Palm Springs, California, USA
Palm Springs/Calif., 2008
S.85, 21 Folien
International Conference on Laboratory Automation (LabAutomation) <2008, Palm Springs/Calif.>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
FabKit; Laboratory automation; Laborautomatisierung; Prozessaufbau; Probenhandling; Probenaufbereitung; Prozeßautomatisierung; Biotechnologie; Versuchsaufbau

Nowadays new biological techniques like tissue engineering, human cell culturing or pharmaceutical applications like manufacturing of biochips are considered key technologies of the 21st century. Nevertheless, the design of completely automated processes is characterized by high investment costs and development risks. These issues are caused by many different process steps including liquid handling, monitoring, micro and macro handling of biological assays forming a lab process. In order to improve complex processes and to simplify the refitting between different applications a flexible interlinking of individual process steps is desired. The Fraunhofer IPA has developed a modular fabrication kit, the so called "FabKit", which already represents established lab process applications and different OEM components including liquid handling systems, micro dispensing systems, measuring sensors etc. These stand-alone process modules can be mounted onto a platform in an uncomplicated way, enabling the users to create a custom made production and processing system to suit their products, components and requirements. A flexible interlinking of the modules is realized by a planar servo motor. Also local climate control and cleaning systems are already included. A novel software tool kit supports virtual planning, configuration, simulation and scheduling of the "FabKit" system. The presentation will cover the technological aspects of a flexible fabrication kit for laboratory applications and will point out the innovative solutions. Furthermore it will discuss trends and future challenges of highly flexible systems for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications.