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Optical and XRR methods for analysis and design of low-e coatings and PDP EMI filters

: Ulrich, S.; Pflug, A.; Szyszka, B.

Society of Vacuum Coaters -SVC-, Albuquerque/NM:
Society of Vacuum Coaters. 51st Annual Technical Conference 2008. Proceedings : April 19 - 24, 2008, Chicago, IL, USA
Albuquerque: SVC, 2008
Society of Vacuum Coaters (Annual Technical Conference) <51, 2008, Chicago/Ill.>
Fraunhofer IST ()

Photometric measurements and simulations are widely used in the architectural glass coating industry for process control and sample qualification. Thereby common dielectric function models like Harmonic oscillator, Kim oscillator, Tauc-Lorentz model, OJL model and Drude free carrier model are typically used [1]. This method becomes limited when precise layer thicknesses in the region 15 nm are required from optical measurements or in the case of composite layers whereof the dielectric functions can be not described by the models mentioned above. We show how these issues can be solved with assistance of X-ray-reflection (XRR) measurements for a limited number of layers and the model free determination of dielectric functions from photometric measurements. In both cases we use our in-house developed software RIG-VM®, which is a flexible R & D tool for optical and XRR modeling and evaluation. Also we show how RIG-VM® can be used for the design of plasma display panel electromagnetic interference (PDPEMI) filters where multiple requirements have to be met or optimized simultaneously and where thickness dependent metal layer properties have to be taken into account additionally.