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E-Industrial Services: Value-Added Services from the Socket

: Sihn, W.; Graupner, T.-D.

Stanford-Smith, B.:
E-work and E-commerce. Novel Solutions and practices for a Global Networked Economy
Amsterdam: IOS Press; Ohmsha, 2001
ISBN: 1-58603-205-4
ISBN: 4-274-90469-5
S.1145-1150 (Vol.2)
eBusiness and eWork Conference (e2001) <2001, Venice>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
value added services; Application Solution Providing (ASP); e-Industrial Service; Internet-Portal; Dienstleistung; Fertigung

The producing sector experiences the changes from a nationally oriented industrial society to a globally operating information society. In the face of the predominantly negative sales development in mechanical and plant engineering, the marketing of services is a chance for manufacturers to compensate for the inactive core business. In the future, combined solutions with life cycle accompanying services will be offered by the manufacturers. Application solution providing (ASP) is one possible form of value-added services. Via nets it offers software solutions for rent. With its service platform, the Fraunhofer Association e-Industrial Services has created a portal which allows the achievement of additional services via the Internet.