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Flexible Path Planning for Nonholonomic Mobile Robots

: Graf, B.; Hostalet Wandosell, J.M.; Schaeffer, C.

Arras, K.O.:
EUROBOT '01. Proceedings : Fourth European Workshop on Advanced Mobile Robots, Lund, Sweden, September 19-21, 2001
Lund, Schweden, 2001 (Lund University Cognitive Studies 86)
ISBN: 91-631-1464-X
European Workshop on Advanced Mobile Robots (EUROBOT) <4, 2001, Lund, Schweden>
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robot path planning; Bewegungsplanung; nonholonomic mobile robot; Roboter; Kinematik

This work presents a flexible path planning method for nonholonomic mobile robots. An intelligent planner based on a static map of the robot's environment has been developed. It comprises the possibility to set current robot properties on the fly and can therefore be used for many different mobile robots. The generated path is smoothened and eventually modified in reaction to dynamic obstacles or other external forces, using the method of elastic bands. This common algorithm has been extended for robots meeting the restrictions of a Dubin's car (nonholonomic robot that can only move forward).